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Easter offer

During Easter, we have discounts on all of our hotels. To get the discount when booking you only need to select hotel and click in the dates you wish to stay during the period. The discount is deducted automatically.

15 % discount.
Valid between: 15 april – 27 april.
Offer is subject to availability.

Price from 820:- per night.
Valid between: 15 april – 27 april.
Offer is subject to availability.

15 % discount.
Valid between: 11 april – 21 april.
Offer is subject to availability.

StayAt on: Jet lag and settling in a new environment


Everyone that travels a lot in business knows that settling into an unfamiliar environment in a different time zone can be a bit of a bumpy ride.

It’s not uncommon to get that familiar Lost in Translation-feeling. To make sure you get the best stay possible, StayAt has compiled a small list of things to do when you’re feeling jet lagged:

When the clock at home says dinner, it might not even be time for breakfast where you are now. And if you’re jet lagged and tired, junk food often seems like a better idea than the healthier option. Our hotel apartments offer well-equipped kitchens, so why not try to cook at least one meal a day at home? Also, make sure your new diet isn’t too far off from what you normally would eat. That way you’re more likely to sleep better, and feel more alert during daytime.

No matter how tough the time change might be, downing too many cups of coffee won’t help you. Instead, keep your blood sugar levelled with fruit, nuts and healthy snacks, and don’t forget to drink water.

Avoid eating too fast – or always in front of your computer. Try a little bit of mindfulness and take a few minutes to sit down and relax while having your meals, and you’re guaranteed to feel better.

A little exercise now and then won’t hurt you; you’ll sleep better, stress less, and perform better at work. Go for a quick walk, or try to jog regularly. Ask our staff in the reception, and we’ll help you find your way in the surrounding areas.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to clear your mind, and easy to practice in your apartment. There are plenty of instructional videos on Youtube, give it a try; you might just like it!



StayAt on: Things to consider when choosing a hotel apartment

You’ve made your decision, said yes to a new exciting project and packed your bags to move to a new city.

Wheter it is for a few weeks or a few months, in a big metropolis or a smaller city, relocating can be quite hectic. To make sure you get the best stay possible, StayAt has compiled a small list of things to consider when choosing your temporary accommodation.

The apartment:

How are you going to use your apartment? Do you plan to prepare and eat the majority of your meals at home, or do you prefer to go out for dinner? If you´re into cooking, go for a bigger kitchen. Will you be working from home regularly? If so, feeling comfortable is crucial. At StayAt, you have access to the facilities you’ll need; wheter it might be a spacious living arrea with plenty of workspace or a gym for you to be able to carry on with your workouts.

Location, location, location:

How far away from work do you want to live, just around the corner or less close to get that barrier between work time and leisure? Another thing to consider is the surrounding area. Do you prefer a picturesque small-town feeling or a more urban environment? There are two StayAt hotels in Stockholm and one in Lund. Read more about them here on our website to figure out which one will suit your needs.


All of our serviced apartments have free Wi-Fi so that you can easily work from home and stay in touch with friends and family. StayAt offers gym facilities, laundry room, and loads of smart deals to make your stay as comfy as possible; such as breakfast packages, baby packages and everything else you’ll need to make your free time as meaningful as possible. Also; there´s always our Livingroom, where you can socialize and meet friends.

Feel at home:

If you´re going to live in your hotel apartment for a longer period of time, why not bring some memorabilia to feel more at home? Pictures of your loved ones, your espresso machine that you just can’t live without, or your favourite pillow will definitely work as remedies against any homesickness that might occur.


StayAt – The way to a meaningful freetime

There are not that many accommodation options for business travellers. But the times they are a changing. Slowly but surely, the traditional hotel room is facing a competitor – the serviced apartment. Here, StayAt explains why serviced apartments are a far more attractive alternative than the regular hotel, and the benefits of a meaningful free time.


More and more business travellers, but also families, are starting to discover the advantages of hotel apartments. For example, at StayAt, the new Living Room concept offers that cherry on top to your everyday life.  The Living Room areas are basically places where you can spend your leisure time, weather you want to activate yourself, or just relax and hang out after work. They are perfect for times when you feel like socializing and meet like-minded guests, watch a game, play some cards or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a friend.

At Stay At, you can enjoy your day-to-day life with the privacy, the space and the comfort you’ll find in an apartment, but with the service of a hotel.

Cooking is trendy again, and our fully equipped kitchens enable the option to cook for friends, family and other visitors. Additionally, the cooking facilities allow guests with kids to feel more comfortable than in restaurants, and provides the option to serve your children healthier, home-cooked food.

StayAt offers serviced accommodations that sure do share some of the same features as a traditional hotel, such as optional additional housekeeping, gym facilities, bike rental and laundry services, as well as washing machines in the building. But we also offer more privacy and the possibility to live a normal life, even if you’re far from home.

Simply put – StayAt provides you with a more meaningful free time.



Ecolabeling the hotel

As a step towards a more environmental-friendly hotel we have now soap and shampoo dispensers in all rooms. The products are recognized and carefully selected by Ecolabel. In order to achieve Ecolabel status, products must live up to high standards from the raw materials to manufacturing …