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Our corporate accommodation

At StayAt, we offer three different corporate accommodation packages, designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Regardless of which offer suits you best, the rate is determined by the length of your stay – the more nights, the better the price.

Contract length
Ongoing Project based Annual
Contract basis
Email address and company name For specific needs and projects involving several guests For ongoing accommodation needs
10% discount on short stays, 5% on stays longer than 6 nights Negotiated for each individual project, based on volume and season Based on estimated annual volume
Via By telephone, email or via By telephone, email or via
By credit card in advance By credit card, Direct Payment or invoice By credit card, Direct Payment or invoice
By email Via a dedicated salesperson before, during and after the project On a continuous basis with a dedicated salesperson
Cancellation policy
24-hours before As per contract As per contract
Extra services
Can be added during contract negotiation According to your needs
Contract review
Conference room
Prioritized availability at StayAt Bromma

So why choose StayAt? 

When you feel at home, you’re more likely to do a better job

Extended-stay accommodation is our strength - and we’re well aware that longer stays require more than just accommodation. At StayAt, our guests can enjoy the space and privacy of an apartment, with the service and comfort of a hotel.

At StayAt it’s easier to work more flexibly

All of our apartments have fully equipped workspaces with free wireless internet, making life easier for guests with offices in different time zones.

A hotel apartment gives more for your travel allowance.

Rather than having to eat out all the time, our guests have fully equipped kitchenettes. And laundry room access minimizes the costs of laundry services. That’s just a few examples of what makes a stay at StayAt more comfortable as well as cost-effective for you and your company.

StayAt makes socializing easier during your time off

All StayAt hotels have communal areas where you can spend your evenings or weekends socializing, instead of sitting alone by yourself. Here you can meet other like-minded guests, which is often nice when you’re far away from home.

Last but not least,

we’re not trying to be a traditional hotel or something we’re not. We’re an apartment hotel - something we’re proud of. That’s why we’re constantly striving to innovate, leading the industry forward and demonstrating that what we offer is in fact the best of both worlds.